Is Your Website Memorable? Is it Clickable? What do Jean Have to Do with this?

Why should You Care?

The problem is your website is a revolving door. People come and people go. But what happens when they say to themselves…

“Where is that website that….” and they are looking for your website?


Big shout out to Wil Reynolds – May 2014 SEER Interactive Event

Do you want to make your website memorable?
Do you want to make your website tell a story?
After watching this video I bet your answer is YES.

We can help, this is what we do. Get in touch with us.

Randi Thornton

Randi Thornton

Randi Thornton is WPWBB's founder and also known online as the SEO Google Guru.

She believes a website is the foundation to successful online marketing. WPWBB, a website development firm was conceived in an effort to overcome challenges her SEO clients faced when requesting SEO best practices be implemented on their websites.

Her husband, 3 grown daughters and grandson create a continuous pocket full of sunshine. Randi also loves technology, shiny bright objects and is fascinated by the WWW and how it impacts our lives.
Randi Thornton

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