A Successful Small Business Website Roadmap

Once upon a time in the competitive business world, small businesses had to have a compelling Yellow Pages ad to compete with larger competitors. The ad had to include several elements that prompted potential customers to “let their fingers do the walking.”

Yellow Pages advertising has gone the way of other small business marketing dinosaurs and in its place, small business websites now form the centerpiece of small business marketing programs. Yet the elements that made a successful Yellow Pages ad remain true for small business websites.

4 Key Factors of a Successful Small Business Website

small business websiteEstablishing a strong online presence has become an imperative small business objective. Unfortunately, many owners and operators do not understand what it takes to create a successful small business website, that is…an online presence that generates exposure and sales.

Small Business Website Must Have a Clear Message

Small business websites provide owners and operators with the best opportunity to that creates a long lasting impression on potential customers. The best method for conveying the purpose of your small business website is to present clear branding messages.

Think about what you want to convey before you upload content. What products and services do you offer? How do you want to position your small business uniquely, so it sticks out in a crowded field of competitors? If you lack original ideas, talk to a WPWBB.com expert for engaging concepts to accomplish your own special branding and message.

Regular Updates for search engine goodness

Search engines reward small business websites that update regularly by moving the sites up in the search rankings. Regular updates also provide visitors with incentives to come back, learn more about your products and services, get informed and make transactions.

Special Tip! You can monitor the effect website changes have on your visitor count and how long visitors spend on each web page. Reply upon your analytics to guide you.

Simple Navigation means online sales for small BUSINESSES

Do you want to know how to alienate your website visitors?

Create a navigation system that makes finding the Lost Ark seem like an easy as a walk in the park. You need to include well-thought out pages that possess similar structures. Visitors should be able to notice navigation tabs quickly and you should place the tabs in the same position on every web page.

Devise the path you want your visitors to follow before you open your virtual store for business. A good small business website developer should be able to help you with this task, so no costly mistakes are made.

Content Rules for any size business

The primary purpose of any website is to provide fresh, relevant content that builds trust. Your customers need to learn how your products and services help them solve problems before they decide to buy from you.

The three major search engine-Google, Bing, and Yahoo-all reward websites that continually upload new and informative content. They also reward fresh content that incorporates best practices search engine keywords. If you are unfamiliar about SEO (search engine optimization) choose a provider that incorporates on-site SEO and the tools necessary to gain maximum outcomes!

Let WPWBB Pave Your Path to Online Success

WPWBB provides the tools needed to present clear message, provide regular technology updates, create easy navigation, and consistently produce fresh, relevant content.

From changing design themes to using the WYSIWYG editor, many can benefit from working with popular web-hosting platform WordPress Website Builder Bundle (WPWBB).

WPWBB provides online tools, help and support as well as the type of web analytics that allow small business owners to tweak their web marketing strategies.

Take your brick and mortar store online by collaborating with WPWBB today! Get a website for small businesses that generates online exposure and sales.

AuthorRandi Thornton

Randi Thornton is WPWBB's founder and also known online as the SEO Google Guru. She believes a WordPress website is the foundation to successful online marketing. WPWBB, a website development firm was conceived in an effort to overcome challenges her SEO clients faced with their existing websites. Randi loves technology, shiny bright objects and is fascinated by the internet and how it impacts our lives. Need help with your website? Get in touch with her today at Randi@WPWBB.com.

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