Mobile Friendly #Website = Gain Google Love

WOW, this has been a busy time for me both personally and for my WordPress website development and optimization business.

Three days ago I became a grandmother for the second time. Words can’t express what an incredible blessing this little bundle of sunshine is.

Next, there have been 2 much talked about website events that have recently occurred that impact your website.

Mobile Friendly Website

First, on April 21, Google announced:

We will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.

This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.

Why is this so significant to your business?

Google gets 1 Billion searches a day. Think about that number, it is a big one. And when you consider today, people search on their mobile device more often than they do on their desktop it is no wonder Google is favoring websites that provide visitors with a friendly mobile website experience.

Whenever Google makes such an announcement I take it seriously.

While others are either scrambling to update or convert their existing website to one that meets Google’s new mobile website criteria I am thrilled my clients websites meet these new requirements.

In fact, I suspect those whose website is mobile friendly will witness an increase in website traffic derived from Google because odds are not all of your online competitors have a website that meets this newly implemented proper criteria. Therefore, their website will not rank as high on Google when someone searches for your services from their mobile device in your local market giving yours additional exposure.

Secondly, WordPress has released version 4.1.2

This important update blocks a serious critical cross-site scripting vulnerability which could enable anonymous users to compromise a website.

Why is this so significant to your business?

If your website is run on WordPress, todays most popular website platform, this critical security update protects it from unwanted hackers and unscrupulous others.

It has been a busy yet very rewarding time. I hope your business is flourishing and as always if I can help in any way please do not hesitate to contact me.

AuthorRandi Thornton

Randi Thornton is WPWBB's founder and also known online as the SEO Google Guru. She believes a WordPress website is the foundation to successful online marketing. WPWBB, a website development firm was conceived in an effort to overcome challenges her SEO clients faced with their existing websites. Randi loves technology, shiny bright objects and is fascinated by the internet and how it impacts our lives. Need help with your website? Get in touch with her today at

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