How to Master Website Lead Generation this Year

Website Lead Generation Everyone always asks me about website lead generation.

Why isn’t my website converting more online visitors into customers? How do I get prospects to engage and want to do business with us?

And help! Web design, marketing and technology all scare me.

Don’t feel bad.

It took me over 3 years to figure it all out and even then things change so rapidly I spend hours each week devoted to staying current with the latest website lead generation strategies.

Here are 3 really good reasons you should pay attention to your website lead generation tactics.

1.) Most people use your website to decide whether or not to even do business with your company

2.) The way you position your website’s content defines how people will interact with you

3.) In less than 3 seconds; your website visitors will decide to stay or go elsewhere. And today about 50% of these people are viewing your website on their mobile device.

These are all pretty important reasons to pay attention to your website audience appeal.

In this post I am not going to give you the geeky, technology formula because there are different website designs, layouts and best practices that work for different companies. Instead I am going to give you some website lead generation juice.

We’re going to look at your website from three different lenses. Each lense is designed to get your mind thinking…

Lense #1: Competitors

Your prospects have choices and you want to beat the competition. Visit each one of your online competitors websites. Go ahead, do it now and come back to continue.

Lense #2: Benefit Driven

This is the analytical and rational stats driving your website’s current and future lead generation stability.

Leanse #3: Inspirational

This is the “here is what you can do with it” and “you can do it too” attitudes that separate action takers from others.

How is your website’s lead generation?

Are you happy with how it measures up, side by side against your competitors?

Do your analytics and statistics validate your goals and objectives?

Do you feel inspired?


A website is not designed to be an online brochure. Maximizing its potential will have a direct impact on lead generation.

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AuthorRandi Thornton

Randi Thornton is WPWBB's founder and also known online as the SEO Google Guru. She believes a WordPress website is the foundation to successful online marketing. WPWBB, a website development firm was conceived in an effort to overcome challenges her SEO clients faced with their existing websites. Randi loves technology, shiny bright objects and is fascinated by the internet and how it impacts our lives. Need help with your website? Get in touch with her today at

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