Website Design Love

I’ve got good news and bad news. The Bad News: You can’t convince people to love your website. Only your mom will. That’s harsh, I know. The Good News: If you give a d**n you have a tremendous opportunity to gain love, respect and sales; the website people want to do business with. Is Your… Read More

Business online marketing can be challenging. I know, over the past 15 years I have invested heavily on online marketing to grow my businesses. And it is because of business online marketing I am thankful for the success I have achieved.   While nothing stays the same, there is no doubt… if I had known… Read More

Website Marketing and Standing Out

What Does Your Website Marketing Stand For? Does your website marketing give people what they want and care about? Or does it give them what you want them to care about? What are you UNWILLING to stand for anymore? Do you have anything in common with Nudie Jeans? I hope so. Big shout out to… Read More

Website marketing help

Get Web Marketing Help by Answering these 5 Questions About Your Website I just watched a video by Rand Fishkin, an authoritative SEO figure over at the Moz Blog titled “A Universal SEO Strategy Audit in 5 Steps.” And I couldn’t help but ask myself the question… is this a SEO strategy or is it… Read More