Create a Special Website

Is Your Website Memorable? Is it Clickable? What do Jean Have to Do with this? Why should You Care? The problem is your website is a revolving door. People come and people go. But what happens when they say to themselves… “Where is that website that….” and they are looking for your website? I don’t… Read More

Website Design Love

I’ve got good news and bad news. The Bad News: You can’t convince people to love your website. Only your mom will. That’s harsh, I know. The Good News: If you give a d**n you have a tremendous opportunity to gain love, respect and sales; the website people want to do business with. Is Your… Read More

Real lifetime lessons to increase your online real estate marketing outcomes by living through some painful experiences. During this 62 minute video I share my personal real estate online marketing story and provide actionable takeaways along the way. I am sharing my personal journey with you in the hope the challenges I faced can change… Read More

Website Engagement

What is the purpose of a website? That’s an easy one. A good website converts visitors into buyers. We can’t expect every online visior to turn into a life-time paying customer, but continually striving to increase the percentage of people who engage with your website should be a your goal. What is website engagement? Website… Read More

I really love building great (in my humble opinion) SEO friendly websites for people, businesses and organizations who get as excited as I do about the possibilities. Late December of this year, I flew to Florida to build a website for good friends. They were doing something I thought was extraordinary. They were going to… Read More