Create a Special Website

Is Your Website Memorable? Is it Clickable? What do Jean Have to Do with this? Why should You Care? The problem is your website is a revolving door. People come and people go. But what happens when they say to themselves… “Where is that website that….” and they are looking for your website? I don’t… Read More

Website Design Love

I’ve got good news and bad news. The Bad News: You can’t convince people to love your website. Only your mom will. That’s harsh, I know. The Good News: If you give a d**n you have a tremendous opportunity to gain love, respect and sales; the website people want to do business with. Is Your… Read More

Business online marketing can be challenging. I know, over the past 15 years I have invested heavily on online marketing to grow my businesses. And it is because of business online marketing I am thankful for the success I have achieved.   While nothing stays the same, there is no doubt… if I had known… Read More

Real lifetime lessons to increase your online real estate marketing outcomes by living through some painful experiences. During this 62 minute video I share my personal real estate online marketing story and provide actionable takeaways along the way. I am sharing my personal journey with you in the hope the challenges I faced can change… Read More

Website Engagement

What is the purpose of a website? That’s an easy one. A good website converts visitors into buyers. We can’t expect every online visior to turn into a life-time paying customer, but continually striving to increase the percentage of people who engage with your website should be a your goal. What is website engagement? Website… Read More

I really love building great (in my humble opinion) SEO friendly websites for people, businesses and organizations who get as excited as I do about the possibilities. Late December of this year, I flew to Florida to build a website for good friends. They were doing something I thought was extraordinary. They were going to… Read More